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Howdy Animators! This is long over due! Again, I’m super sorry for how behind I am with rewards posts! Like I said earlier this month, my goal is to be caught up by Halloween! Also I’m creating a little something once I’ve caught up for any bloggers I made wait!  I was nominated a whiles back for the Free Spirit Award by the awesome bloggers Krystallina and Lynlynsays! Thank you both for the nominations and once again sorry for the wait! Here’s how the award works!

  • You are given a topic from the authors who nominated you to write your award post about!
  • Include the image in your post!

I thought the award was really neat because even though I’m writing for two nominations, both topics are different! So onward to the topics!


The first topic was given by krystallina. It’s the topic about Karma. Honestly I do think some aspects of Karma are true, but I don’t think it’s something that’s black or white. I think Karma too often is understood as something black or white. Do something good? You’ll have good karma! Do something bad? Hide because you have bad karma heading your way. This way of thinking of karma is fine, if anything it’ll probably drive you to make good choices. However, I don’t think the world works in such a right or left way. Do I think if you do something bad that bad karma is headed your way? Well, I know doing something bad isn’t exactly going to help your case for good karma. However, I’ve had my share of bad choices and good choices. I’ve also had what someone would consider bad karma, after doing something like holding the door open for someone in class. Like I said, to me karma isn’t black or white. I think good or bad things happen to someone depending on what their going through in life. Bad things are going to happen in life whether you decide to pocket the 20 dollar bill on the floor or you go ask around if anyone lost it. I like to think bad things happen to teach a lesson. Which would in time help us from making a worse choice down the road. Reverse Karma? Not really. I think it’s just the way life works. Lean too much to the left, life in its own way will get you back on path whether through good or bad experiences.

I’m not saying if you go rob a bank you’ll end up buying a winning lotto ticket. In a way, I do believe somethings do come around. I guess I’m trying to say your “luck” doesn’t depend on whether the penny you found was facing heads or tails. Good things will come when the time is right, likewise bad things will come when the time is right. As long as everyday your trying to be the best you, you can be, life will take its path.

  • “When Love Hurts”

The second topic was given by lynlynsays. There were two phrases to choose from, “When love hurts” and “No faith in”. I decided to go with “When Love Hurts” because I interpret the phrase probably really different from what you would think. Like most may have noticed, I haven’t been able to consistently be on the blog ever since classes have started. In particular these last two weeks, I’ve been a bit ghost on the blog and on fellow animator’s blogs. Well these two weeks haven’t been very fun with bombardment of midterms, running being at the peak of its season, and all the curve balls everyday life throws. I know your probably like, dude where you going with this? Hear me out. 🙂 When were passionate for something, we love it. The things we love are most of the time the things that make us the happiest. However, when love hurts, most of the time these things make us the saddest. I love the fact of trying to chase the dream of one day becoming an Imagineer. I love being able to go out and race Cross Country. In the last few months, I’ve grown a love for being able to blog on animated. These things have hurt these past two weeks, so I haven’t been in the best of moods for these past couple days. It’s when love hurts though that you really find out how much you love something. Sure bad things happens, and when it rains it definitely finds a way to pour. However, like I said when talking about Karma, bad things happen to teach us a lesson. When love hurts, it teaches us to remind ourselves just how much we care or want something. As you can probably tell by me blogging, I’ve been feeling a lot better this week! Because when love hurts, you do anything to get back the things that make you the happiest! 😀

My Nominees:





Nominees, your topic is “A Good Day”. What defines a good day in your shoes? Answer it however you may like!

Thanks again to lynlynsays and krysallina! Click on the links to check out their topics and posts for their Free Spirit Nomination! Also make sure when your done to check out the rest of the awesome content on both of their blogs!

That’s all for this sketch! Now time for some sleepy sleep! 😀



    • Thanks! Although it would seem like sometimes good things may happen to bad people and vice-verse, like you said what goes around comes around. Life has a funny way of dealing with things at diferent times.

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