What’s Up Animated?!: (September/Holy Cow It’s Been a While Since I Wrote One of These Edition!)

Try saying that title three times fast…

Hey Animated World!

I was looking over the blog last night and realized, it has been since APRIL since I wrote a What’s Up Animated post. I usually try to space these out 1-2 months apart but dear peanuts, it has been a while. I’ll try not to ramble too much, but I have quite a bit of catching up to do.

Also… can we all quickly agree… Berserker of Black has been the best servant so far…yes… I may have a small crush… I digress. (My Fate/Apocrypha People :))

Blogging!: Trying Something New.

So in usual What’s Up Animated posts, this is where I would write about upcoming posts or happenings coming to the blog. However, it never really went according to plan. So for the rest of September and all of October, I’m trying out something new. I’m not planning any posts or direction on here for the blog. I’m simply going to go off of feel for a few weeks. Hopefully that’ll bring about better content and less clutter. I would ideally like to get some sort of schedule going on blog posts, but won’t set one till I get back into the rhythm of posting frequently. I’m mainly going with these changes to make myself more accountable.

Anime!: Fate-Fever

So in the last few months, I bought Fate/Extella (I’ll get to it in the gaming segment), re-watched Fate/Zero, re-watched Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade (Budget XD) Works, and started watching Fate/Apocrypha. Yup.. all because I saw one trailer of Heaven’s Feel. I’m a little hyped XD.

Anyway, I’m caught up with Gamers, Fate/Apocrypha, and My Hero Academia after the hurricane madness. I’m currently catching up on Re:Creators, and for fun I’m watching DurararaX2 because I never got to it.

Gaming!: Nintendo took my wallet..

Boy these Switch game releases are starting to catch up to me. I’ve mainly been playing the Nintendo Switch these past few months. Even more shocking, I’ve basically completely stopped playing Overwatch once Season 6 began. Mainly due to a lot of our Overwatch group being busy and some fatigue from playing the game as much as we did.

Currently on the Switch I’m ‘switching’ (…hehe…he…ha…I made a funny…) between the following games: Disgaea 5, Fate/Extella, ARMS, Splatoon 2, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Sonic Mania, and now newly acquired Pokken Tournament DX.

Disgaea 5: I believe I left off on Chapter 10, which has taken over 60+ hours. The game started off slow, but it is fantastic. Plip.

Fate/Extella: I finished Emperor Nero’s arc and am currently going through Tamamo’s arc. Somehow I managed to unlock Arturia’s side story. 🙂

ARMS/Splatoon 2: I play these two occasionally. ARMS I mainly play Min Min, with some Mechanica every now and then. Splatoon I just got up to level 10 so can now play rank. I find most of my time spent playing Salmon Run though.

Mario+ Rabbids: I just arrived in the third world. I wasn’t honestly going to get this game till I saw some gameplay of it. It is a really fun game with quite a bit of charm due to the Rabbids. My only con for it is the game tends to get a little repetitive.

General/Life: Big boy pants initiated.

Classes are back in full swing after the two week hurricane period. It is nice to get back into the normal routine of things, but jeez the professors came back with work loaded! In fairness to them though, they lost a lot of time due to the hurricane so it is understandable. I’ve just been a little extra busy this week. Especially for our Senior Design Project. All four of our group members were able to team up for our design project which I’m super happy about. We have a really interesting project, just one that is going to take some long nights to put together. I can’t talk much about it now due to ideas still being thrown around, but I’d love to share what we’re working on with you when the time is right!

Other than school being a little hectic, things have quieted down after the hurricane. I’m doing a lot of reading in my spare time. I’m mainly reading books about self improvement, thinking positive, law of attraction, being a better person, and even some blogging tip books. I can share the titles of the books to anyone who is interested.

Welp, there you have it! A quick run-down of all the happenings in Animated’s World since April.

See ya in the next one! 😉






  1. I am still playing Overwatch, although I have given up on ladder and mostly focus on the new 4v4 Deathmatch. Mercy got buffed recently too, which is nice since she is my main.

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