3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge: FINAL QUOTE!


Hey animators! We’re on on our final day of the 3 Days 3 Quotes challenge! I want to thank SindyBlue10 again for the nomination! It’s been a fun challenge! Now onward to our final quote!


You’ve probably heard the quote already, but it truly is one of my favorites. I didn’t really think of it much till I started blogging. Sometimes the journey in anything you wish to seek seems daunting and long. Sometimes you see others ahead of you on their own journey and you may doubt of ever getting to the point they have reached. The thing is all our journeys are different and the times we start our journeys vary as well. What may seem like a point that is hard to reach today may be a point that is very reachable in a month or two. The most important thing is, in anything you want to do or accomplish, you need to start. The journey of a thousand miles, starts by realizing you want something and taking that first step into achieving it. It may be a long road ahead, but the most important thing is to start. Once you start, you may realize, the journey that seemed daunting and long really isn’t that bad. 😉

Since it’s the final day I’m going to share my three nominations to take on the challenge! As a welcoming, I’m nominating the 3 most recent followers of the blog!

That’s all for this sketch! Have an animated day animators! 😉


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